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Junebug weddings

Eliesha and Joel visited Portland all the way from Melbourne Australia to have a vow renewal at Voodoo Donuts, see some Portland landmarks, and elope with a llama in tow. One of the most fun and creative shoots I've done! I still can't believe you all hire me for such amazing events.

Equally Wed

We set out to create a shoot geared towards male-identified couples wanting to reject the traditional and femininity that is the wedding industry. Amazing Portland, Oregon vendors came together to create our dream wedding shoot with elements we don't usually get to incorporate and can hopefully serve for some inspiration with our 2018 couples.

Debunking bigotry- Catalyst Wed Co

"As I currently watch my city of Portland engulfed in smoke and ash from the Eagle Creek Fires and observe the Harvey death toll rise, I am reminded that we still have the most menacing man in office, as he declares an end to a program dedicated for children of immigrants. He truly just wants to watch the world burn. He throws DACA into the mix like gasoline, and we are left to figure out the rest."

Dancing With Her

I was fortunate enough to work with an amazing team of vendors and pull of the most wonderful, boho, trendy, fern and macrame inspired shoot with alcoholic popsicles and a fluffy orange Persian! We wanted to highlight the trends we see this year and how we can elevate them in 2019. Check out the full feature because it's def one of my faves!

h&h weddings

Kelsey and Natalie have that fairytale "love you forever" kind of romance we all wished would happen to us (so we wait.) Their feature in H&H Weddings and story is a great one to tell. I had the pleasure of photographing their wedding a few months afterwards, where it solidified they both are nothing short of amazing together.

Debunking bigotry- Catalyst Wed co

"What is the take-away? We need to stay alert. We are now being led by Nazi and white supremacist-sympathizing leaders at the highest level of office, and we need to ensure that we spend our time fighting and preventing another Holocaust or world war. I never thought, in my lifetime, that would be a reality. Heather Heyer's haunting statement found after her death remains on her Facebook page: "If you are not angry, you are not paying attention." We need to remember that Dre Harris was beaten brutally by a pack of Nazis who hated him because he is black. We need to remember that they came to Charlottesville with that very intention."

Love Inc mag

A snowy engagement session in downtown Vancouver, Washington following a magical New York City proposal. One of my favorites, and another one I got to do with talented makeup artist Renee Jacobson!

12 Photographers you need to be following on instagram for nontraditional & diverse wedding inspiration
Catalyst Wed Co

Still can't believe my Instagram account made #9 on Catalyst's list! "On her feed, you will find her alternative Pacific Northwest couples competing with her adorable son for your attention." It's too true.


MArch for healthcare- washington D.C.

While watching my friend and someone I admire, Rashelle Chase, in Washington D.C. with her son Leo during a live video, photos I had taken of Leo and Angel months earlier played across a big screen. The impact was monumental and something I feel belongs here. I had tears in my eyes the whole time, both fear of a healthcare reform bill passing and pride for how many blessed activists I'm lucky to know.

October 2017 Cover of pdx parent

PDX Parent is Portland's staple family magazine. You can't live in Portland without seeing an issue at the local store, hospital, school, library, etc. For a photo taken the Halloween prior of my son Jaxin and his BFF Eleanor to end up on the cover was a surreal moment.

I have the issue framed in my home and am working on an upcoming project with PDX Parent.

The Babetown Collective

I normally don't share past work that isn't so much my style anymore, but this shoot changed the game for me. It was my first time being published and learning about The Babetown Collective which has opened up a community and so many doors.


This photo made it onto the site after 1.7k likes on Facebook! A styled shoot at Opal 28 and their amazing filigree iron gate.

My Single Parent Story // Falling in Love with an Abusive "Woke Misogynist"

I don't often talk about the "why" I am a single parent, or the "how." I just don't. So I was challenged to do it. I wanted to talk about something that so many women face and can't put into words. I wanted to talk about the justice system letting me down. I wanted to talk about thriving in spite of it. What I found was how much it resonated with others and how they needed this article. It turned out I needed it too. Note: not for the faint of heart.

"If anything, the rise of privileged white men has opened up a discussion on who we want our own white men to become. Raising a son who is able to use his voice to help raise other voices has always been my main focus. I’ve chosen that I will not keep my own abuse a secret in hopes that it would be a driver to not let what happened to his mother happen to other women in his life. I would hope he would see the value of being taken away from a shitty situation and given more opportunity because of it, and I would hope that he would stand up when he sees injustices happening around him.