Charlottesville Vigil + Protest // Portland, OR

This past weekend has been emotional and draining on the social justice and anti-racism community as the events in Charlottesville haunt us. It will continue to be hard. To know I live in a city that stands in solidarity with people hurting 2,300 miles away is comforting. We can't continue to live in blindness, and even in Portland, white supremacy and racism surrounds us. I say this hoping that you'll decide to use your time on Earth in a way that uplifts others and challenges the system. We can be that change.

This is Portland standing in solidarity with Charlottesville on Aug 13th 2017 and the death of Heather Heyer. Speeches were from organizer Jamie Partridge, vice president with the NAACP Portland E.D. Mondainé Jr., MAX stabbing survivor Micah Fletcher, representatives of Portland ISO among others.

Jamie Carle