Jordan + Angie // Latourell Falls Elopement // Corbett, OR

Jordan found me on Instagram while looking at Pacific Northwest photographers. Something clicked and she reached out from Chicago. I was excited for another elopement- they make my heart so happy! Angie and Jordan were planning on eloping somewhere over here because this was Angie's favorite place to be. Anyone who lives here knows why- waterfalls and mountains and beach are hard to beat.

After some decisions on locations, we decided a serene morning at Latourell Falls would be a perfect way to get married. With only myself and second shooter Kelcey Olson as witnesses, this was truly an intimate ceremony.

Jordan and Angie's officiant Zachary Michaud personalized every part of the ceremony to include memories and private moments Jordan and Angie had shared with him. I've never seen a ceremony quite so personal.

Latourell was roaring that morning. We were soaking wet by the end and pumped full of adrenaline as well. The sun illuminating the mist made for some visually stunning shots and while shooting underwater wasn't on my agenda that day, I loved how special it made this.

After we signed documents, we went to Oxbow Regional Park to chill out on the riverfront and get some portraits done. Angie and Jordan stayed up for an adventure the entire way and I have a feeling it's just who they are. They would go to the ends of the world for each other, and they did here.

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