Kat + Peg // Witchy Backyard Wedding // Milwaukie, OR

I came into the Sandeen Lee wedding without much knowledge beforehand. Jayme Lee, a makeup artist in Medford, OR, had contacted me because of a need for a photographer during her mom's small backyard ceremony that month. It was a great fit because I happened to have the weekend open, which isn't usually the case!

I showed up and fell in love with the bond and closeness this family has. A backyard wedding filled with ferns, mushrooms and crystals became such a perfect representation of Katrina and Peg the more I spent time with them.

They are undeniably in love.

A student and professor romance, they sealed the deal surrounded by objects showcasing their story. Katrina had gone to PSU to forage plants and create a bouquet that not only looked great, but held a sentimental value that only campus plants could provide.

A hand fasting ceremony officiated by a friend signified how entwined Peg and Kat are in each other's lives- their children surrounding them in smiles and sweet ukulele songs.

Bursts of bright light and dark rain made this full of interesting lighting situations, which I loved. The brightest being right after the ceremony and almost symbolic in a way. The rain giving everyone a chance to soak each other with water and dance barefoot on the lawn.

I meet some amazing families doing what I do, and walk away with new perspectives. This was no different, as I've walked away knowing I want someone to be as in love with me as Kat and Peg are with each other, and I want to be surrounded by children one day as hilarious and genuine as theirs.

Wedding, QueerJamie Carle