My passions lie in smashing the patriarchy and helping to dismantle supremacy and systems of oppression. Activism and social justice are close to my heart and I truly believe that you can take a big part in being the change you want to see.

I'm a mother of a beautiful toddler. I'm trying to teach him to be patient. To be kind. To use his voice to lift up other voices.

I'm excited about every client I have, and am so grateful for what I do for a living.
Give me the weird, the non-traditional, the fun, and the adventurous. I'm up for it!

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Send any inquiries my way! Some things to add/consider in your email:

  • Date of event (weddings, parties, etc.) or dates available for sessions

  • Phone number

  • Overall feel and theme you're looking for

  • Number of subjects/guests

  • Where you found me (google, facebook, referral, met me at the store)

  • Any products you know you'll want to include later (prints, albums, canvas)
    Knowing this ahead of time will allow me to build you a package, use any promotions I currently have going, and save you a little money.

  • Location

  • Questions you have about me, what I'll need from you, clothing, how to keep the kids happy, turnaround time, etc.

Feel free to ask me anything! This goes straight to my personal email and I should be able to return your message within 24 hours. All other inquiries can be sent to

Hey! I'm glad you've found me.

My name is Jamie and this is the part where I try to get you to know me as briefly and best as I can. That's gonna be tough.

We might get along if:
- you binge watch the Office                          - there's nothing like a good sunset
- you have cats                                                   - you never stop adventuring
- you like old buildings                                    - you want social justice
- you'd do anything for your kids                  - you're a hopeless romantic
- you love fuzzy socks                                       - succulents are your fave.

Photo by Kelcey Olson

Photo by Kelcey Olson


I work from
425 SE 3rd Ave
Portland, OR

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